Thursday, June 5, 2014

C2E2 Funzies

Hey gang!

Still don't post on this thing as much as I'd like to, but anywho-

C2E2 was a blast!  I, of course, cosplayed as the character Dallas from the game "Payday 2", one of my favorite co-op games.

The game is about a group of bank robbers, so, naturally, each bank robber needs a mask.  For the first time in a long while, I had decided to sculpt the mask out of insulation foam!

Here's some of the step by step!

It was a little rough, but work and such kept me away from putting a lot of the finishing touches on it I wanted.  It wasn't smooth, I couldn't put the fine details in it, and the paint job was crap.  It was pretty rushed at the end, but I was still pretty pleased with it.  I was the only one at c2e2 that looked like they didnt' just put on a rubber mask that came with the game, and put on their dad's old suit.  I went for all the details!  Ammo bag at the side, a big black duffel/loot bag on my back, bullet proof jacket, a stupid tweed coat, and of course the gloves!

More art and such coming soon!


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