Monday, March 31, 2014

Some sculptures

So gang!

I spent a while working on some movie props for a feature film here in Detroit, and I can finally post a few pictures of them now that it's been about a year since working on the project.  I can't say what, or with who, but it's for an upcoming movie.  Anywho  take a look!

This is a giant door archway. The main character enters through it's mouth through swinging doors.  It was held up by giant pillars we made that fit right into the actual structure of an already existing door frame in Detroit.  Lots of fun. Aprox. dimensions are about 4' high and 9' wide

Here's some concept art for the door!

Eventually the director just wanted something that looked pretty similar to the original sculpture from France

This is a blocking piece for lighting and sizing purposes for the actors to get a feel what it'd be like using the real deal.  Just to see what the director wanted and such.  Aprox. size is about 1' wide and 3' long

I'll have some more stuff to post later with my 3D work, and some progress pics of a sculpt I'm working on for C2E2!


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