Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bizarro and Brainiac WIPs

Hey gang!

I started doing the Bizarro and Brainiac drawings and here's their WIPs.  Wednesday and Thursday nights are incredibly rough for me, since I don't get out of work until 5pm and have to be back at work at 5am, so there's not much drawing time, and when there is, I'm pretty beat after 12 hours of work.  Since I get out really early tomorrow, I'll try to have them both finished up, as well as work on General Zod.  I'm realizing that I'm spending to much time trying to make a huge piece, when I should just be trying to draw the character, but I was getting bored of that, and I could use some portfolio pieces.  The characters I really like, I'm going to try and do full pictures for, everybody else just gets their portrait, bwahaha.

This Bizarro drawing is supposed to make reference to the Action Comics #1, or Superman's first appearance.  I'm gonna have him with his foot on the car, and that red blob up front is the same screaming guy.

Brainiac is pretty Matrixy looking.  His right arm needs work, but it's a decent place holder for now.  I wanted to do something different than the other Brainiacs that I saw.  A good mix of mechanical and human, sort of H.R. Gieger, with an attempted art nouveau layout feel.  Notice I said "attempted". 

Bizarro and Brainiac are two of my favorite villains, as well as Darkseid, so I really wanted to spend a good amount of time on them, instead of cranking out rushed garbage like I did with Parasite.  These ones, I'd like to make into a nice and neat finished picture once they're complete.

Anywho, another post tomorrow. Same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel.  Wait, shoot, we're doing Superman now.


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