Friday, May 11, 2012

Some Random Doodles


I did some drawing on paper today, and I realized how much easier it is on paper for me to draw than it is on this tiny little tablet of mine.

I decided to try working on just some posing with this pen to try and see if I can keep up "electronically" as much as I can with paper and pencil.

I was also listening to a lot of Amon Amarth, so, vikings.

This first one is Tor/Thor fighting J├Âmungandr, the World Serpent, at the end of Ragnarok.  The story goes that during Ragnarok (the end of the world) J├Âmungandr comes up from the sea and poisons the sky- and Thor, mightiest of the gods, confronts the beast.  As Thor deals the killing blow with his hammer, he is knicked by one of the serpent's teeth in it's death rattles, and is poisoned. His duty done, and Midgard/Earth protected, he takes nine paces, and falls over dead from the poison.

The second drawing is me passed out at my light table (happening a lot recently) only to be taken to Valhalla by the woman of my dreams, a Valkyrie.  Valkyries were the chosen "Angels" of Odin, who were sent to collect the souls of the bravest warriors and take them to Valhalla, where they'd eternally feast and drink during the night, and fight all day- a training regimen in preparation for, you guessed it, Ragnarok.
I was trying to not go with the "Hurr durr, look at my scantly clad warrior woman", and made her look more like a warrior woman should.  I messed up on her left (our right) arm.  I should probably fix it, but meh.

Hope you enjoyed the Norse bit!  I'm going camping this weekend, so no Saturday posts!  I will be taking my sketchbook with me though, and I hope to do some life drawing!


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  1. Fuckin' digging it man. Can tell you're focusing on form, and yer doin' it right.

    I think you nailed the upper body of Thor, but his lower half could use the same amount of attention. GIVE HIM LEGS STRONG ENOUGH FOR A GOD! *thunder crash*