Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gotham City Draw Challenge

So there's a Draw Challenge going around that Angel Onofre made.
I pushed to get it going early, and I'm so far behind from work and other real life problems that half my drawings are still in my sketchbook and not scanned.  So for today here's a post. I'm just gonna say that as long as I can get all the drawings done within 30 days, I'll be good.  Meh.

Another post with the actual drawing

The list is as follows:

1 Alfred
2 Oracle
3 Zatanna
4 Talia Al Ghul
5 Batgirl
6 Robin
7 Nightwing
8 Etrigan
9 Mad Hatter
10 Scarface
11 ManBat
12 Zsasz
13 Black Mask
14 Hush
15 Ra's Al Ghul
16 Clayface
17 Penguin
18 Grundy
19 Two Face
20 Poison Ivy
21 Killer Croc
22 Bane
23 Harley Quinn
24 Riddler
25 Scarecrow
26 Mr Freeze
27 Catwoman
28 Joker
29 Hugo Strange
30 Batman

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