Thursday, February 3, 2011

More drawings I found!


Just found some pictures I took of some drawings/character concepts I did.

This is a statue at the Detroit Institute of Arts.  Every Friday is art night (what?) where they set out big drawing horses to sit on in front of works of art and you can sketch away!  They give you pencils and paper and if you ask nicely, an eraser.  I don't remember what this statue was called, but I did this in just a few minutes since I didn't want to keep girlfriend waiting while I sketched.  The big rabbit ear looking thing I think was a feather hanging out of her head dress.  Also, boobs.

 This is a pose I did for an animated short I'm doing by myself called "La Pistola".  In case you couldn't tell, it's a western flick.  Here's the badguy, nicknamed "Badguy", shooting at the main character.  It was supposed to be right out of a duel, which is why he's standing so still like that.  I wonder if I put on red and blue 3D glasses, if my mind would explode or not.

 This is a squirrel I drew while my friend Angel Onofre and I were animating a cut-out movie called "Flesh-Bot".  The robot is somewhere in a park, and we needed a segue into the scene, so I made this little fella to scamper across the open field he was in.  I think I'll name him Squiggles or Dominator or something like that.

This is a robot I did, he's supposed to be kind of gorilla inspired.  I really liked the way he turned out, except his legs.  I'm not sure if I'd do them the same way if I drew him again, but for now they're alright.  I like the little brain in the glass dome, and the big silly arms especially.

That's all for now (, folks! [hyuk]).  Since I'm actually uploading on a consistent basis, I'd like to try and keep this up with at least 3 or 4 drawings uploaded a day.

We'll see...
Hey gang,

New drawings today,  got more, but it's 5 am so I'm only gonna upload a few. Drawings after the break!

I tried working on a sort of Bruce Timm style since I got my Batman Animated book, and tried mixing it with my own.  Here's a version of my girlfriend Chelsea in a sort of Timm style mixed with Red Hot Riding Hood.  My pencil is pretty dull since I lost my sharpener, which is why her left eye looks so "Derp"y.

I don't think this one needs any explanation.  I made some changes after I took the picture, but since this is just a blog and not a demo reel or anything, who cares.  I'll upload the better version later.  Timm meets my style hopefully.  I hope it's not to strong on his end, and mine shines through, but I was practicing with his use of straight opposite to curved lines.

This is my first project I did in Flash, it was supposed to be a self portrait done however we wanted, so I drew myself as a giant stomping around the city.  Flash as I'm learning, is a finicky finicky mistress.  Did this in Flash CS4 and my Wacom Bamboo.  Not to bad for my first time ever using the program I'd like to think.

That's all for now chums,

See you all when the free break (3 snow days in a row) is over :D